Cool Dragon Tattoos for Women Awesome Dragon Tattoos Designs and Ideas on Back

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Dragon Tattoos for Women

Dragon Tattoos for Women

Because Dragon Tattoos for Women are pictured both as a female and a man, it can underline features of both sexes. For example delicate dragon peeking from under the crotchet panties will underline feminine sexuality and ephemeralness, whereas determined, monochromatic image will show your masculine strength and firmness.


Celtic Wolf Tattoo Design on Shoulder

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celtic wolf tattoo

Wolf tattoos used by human beings not only as a form of adornment, but also as a way of expressing their personal belief and attitude. Wolves have been occupying an important place in the history of human race. Basically an animal which prefers to live in a pack, the wolf is a freedom seeker too, who is equally content when it gets to live by itself. The character traits of loyalty and intelligence make the wolf a much appreciated animal and likeable enough to be considered fit for a place in tattoo art.