Awesome Wolf Howling at The Moon Tattoo Design and Idea on Upper Arm for Men and Women

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Wolf Howling at The Moon Tattoo

Wolves hold a special place in the history of mankind. Since the beginning, men have noticed the pack characteristics of the wolf, and felt drawn to the loyalty of the animal. Domesticated wolves were the first canine “pet” that people ever had, and the traits of intelligence, loyalty and ferocity have been duly noted.

In the Mohawk tribe, Wolf Howling at The Moon Tattoos indicated a totem-like power and showed an affiliation with that particular tribe. When a young man of Indian heritage reached puberty and he felt that the wolf was his totemic animal, he was given a Dreamcatcher Tattoo through the process of pricking the skin and rubbing the spots with ashes. Those blessed with the wolf totem symbol were believed to be very expressive both vocally as well as physically.

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  1. Flowers are one thing that people associate the most with spring. During this time, vibrant blooms emerge and the green leaves return to the trees. Both are popular choices for Wolf Howling at The Moon Tattoos, especially since these aspects of nature can be done in a myriad of styles. From watercolors to thin outlines to stunning realism, each approach will still scream spring.

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  3. Please recognize that state law requires teens under 18 to have their parents’ permission to get a tattoo or piercing. In addition, most tattoo parlors or piercing salons require a parent or caregiver to be present for the procedure.

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