Awesome Viking Tattoos for Men

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Viking Tattoo

Viking Tattoo

Viking Tattoo

Viking Tattoo

The mystique of Viking culture and their beliefs still remain relevant today. The level of  interest can be seen in many incredible Viking tattoos. Here are some of our favorites: This is rather slight evidence on which to state categorically that Vikings tattooed themselves. The Arabic word used in the original text for “tattoo” was more commonly used to describe mosque decorations rather than actual tattoos— a fitting description considering similarities between a mosque’s geometric patterns and those of a runic Viking tattoos.  Many tattoo artists have designed Viking tattoos, which can be easily found in many places online. Popular Viking tattoos include the compass Skull Tattoos, called the Vegvisir. This symbol is not from the Viking Age, however;

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  1. ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC likens himself to a lion – and he took that comparison a step further by getting a massive tattoo of the king of the jungle on his back.

  2. Many athletes today dawn tattoos to represent themselves as a person. The Viking Tattoos show that there is a real person behind the jersey, someone we can all relate too.

    Some of the sports world’s biggest names, including David Beckham, LeBron James and Conor McGregor have noticeable and iconic Viking Tattoos. Others, like Ryan Lochte and Stephen Curry, have tattoos that are relatively unnoticeable.

    The Colorado State club baseball team can relate to both sides, as some players having one tattoo and others have their body covered in them. Some players on the team shared the meaning behind their tattoos.

  3. The days when tattoos belonged to the culture of outsiders, rock ‘n’ rollers, and hard men of the world are long gone. Inked skin is now as mainstream as pierced ears. However, each tattoo still represents a personal rite of passage, a step into adulthood, a memory or tribute to a person, a victory won, or even a journey undertaken.

    If you want a permanent reminder of your trip to Iceland inked onto your skin, here we present three of the finest tattoo parlours of the country.

  4. Here, SunSport has picked some of the most eye-catching back Viking Tattoos. All you have to do is match the artwork to the player and scroll to the bottom for the results.

  5. I come from a family of Icelandic fishermen and seamen. The sea was a big part of my upbringing. As soon as I turned sixteen, I signed on to a freighter cargo ship and got my first tattoo. It was in Rotterdam by the legendary Tattoo Bob. After that we sailed to England, and I received two more tattoos there. So at age sixteen, I already had three tattoos.

    My shop is a family affair. It has been located in downtown Reykjavík since 2000, but before that, it was named Living Art, and it was in Sweden. That shop opened in 1997. My wife and my daughter both work in the shop as tattoo artists. It really is a family business.

  6. Did the Norsemen of Scandinavia have tattoos? Did runic script adorn their arms as they sailed their longships down fjords? While material remains offer few clues, one piece of historical evidence says ‘yes’ – at least for those Varangians who plied the Volga with their trade goods, traveling throughout Russia, Central Asia, and even down to the Middle East.

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