Amazing Small Wolf Tattoo on Inner Arm for Men and Women

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Small Wolf Tattoo

Getting a Small Wolf Tattoo would be a great idea. The good thing is that there are innumerable ideas for you. Whether you are looking for a small or a large tattoo you can get it all. You can get the design printed on almost any part of the body. Also, you can choose different colours as well. It is all your choice. A lot of people go for the wolf tattoo on the arm.

A wolf is a very social creature that uses nearly all of its senses to communicate with members of its pack; with this ability to communicate comes a high degree of intelligence to plan hunts and form strategies to take down its prey. For those reasons, the wolf has also come to symbolize communication, cunning, intelligence, compassion, kindness and generosity, and in some cultures, it represents victory, lunar power and a deep faith.

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  1. Customers waited for hours in the lobby and on Delmar Blvd. in St. Louis to get tattooed on Friday the 13th flash-sheet deals at Iron Age Small Wolf Tattoos. For $13 plus “a lucky $7 tip” customers can choose from 31 pre-designed Small Wolf Tattoos to receive. The shop estimates they will tattoo over 200 customers by the end of the day, their first customer arriving outside the shop at 7 a.m. to be first in line when the shop opened at noon. Photos by Nikos Frazier

  2. Michelle Santana started her career as a Small Wolf Tattoo artist from her bedroom in Colombia. Her first designs can be found drawn on everyone from her cousins’ skin to her very own. While she has become a professional tattoo artist, with a following that is inspired by her designs, the passion she started with still holds true.

  3. Below Santana shares more on her journey establishing a brand for herself in the New York tattoo artist scene, how she’s grounded herself, and what advice she has for other Latina creatives.

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